The Chinese Admiral Nurse Project

Chinese Welfare Trust is leading the way to deliver the first Chinese-speaking Admiral Nurse in our community to support people with dementia and their carers. We hope to raise a minimum of £30,000 in the first year to kick start the project. 

This initiative is delivered in partnership with the national charity Dementia UK. Dementia is a growing area of health and social care concern. The Chinese community is at a disadvantage of not being able to access a 'one-stop-shop' service delivered by a Dementia specialist who speaks their language.

Admiral Nurses work together with families to provide the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need to live more positively with dementia each and every day.

Most Admiral Nurses work in the community for the NHS, and others work in care homes, hospitals and hospices. Admiral Nurses are continually trained, developed and supported by Dementia UK.

Make a positive difference and support CWT's efforts by raising awareness among your contacts and forwarding this donation processing link:

Charities Aid Foundation


華福信託基金(簡稱「華福會」)正在積極籌募£30,000經費,培訓第一位能説華語的專業退智症護理顧問(一般叫做 Admiral Nurse),服務在英患有退智症華人及其家屬和照顧者。


這項計劃由華福會領導,聯同英國志願團體Dementia UK合辦。


這些 Admiral Nurses 是註冊護士,在各社區NHS醫院或護老院工作。他/她們提供以家庭作為核心的服務,為退智症患者及其照顧家屬作出整體式的醫療支援建議、輔導及具體協助,讓他們有效地掌握全面的資料,認識退智症帶來的種種變化和挑戰,積極面對和迎接生活的每一天。


全英國目前約有300 Admiral Nurses,但沒有一個能説華語。


首位為華人服務的Admiral Nurse 的工作由華福會管理,他/她在工作期間會不斷接受Dementia UK提供的在職培訓及支援。


退智症已經成為一個常見疾病。有部份在英華人因為語言障礙或文化差距因素,未能有效地直接使用主流的醫療及福利支援。華福會認為華社有逼切需要設立更有效的社區退智症支援,Admiral Nurse 服務的設立正是要向這方面邁出一大步。請支持華福會為這個計劃作出的努力。




Charities Aid Foundation

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