Homeless Chinese Elder Housed

Mr. Ling

Mr. Ling contacted the Chinese Welfare Trust to help him resolve his housing situation. Mr Ling heard from a friend about the work of Chinese Welfare Trust.

Mr. Ling an immigrant from Hong Kong spent all is working life in UK working for several Chinese restaurants often living in accommodation above the restaurant some of which was very basic.

He was made redundant in October 2010 and faced eviction from a room he rented in a house in Plaistow, East London, as he was unable to pay the rent. He spent many months looking for work but as he was 64 years old and suffering from arthritis in his hands he was unsuccessful in finding a position. His family no longer live with him and he was isolated and lonely apart from two friends in East London. He tried unsuccessfully to find suitable accommodation through the local authority and was very worried and stressed as he thought he would be homeless very soon.

The Chinese Welfare Trust was able to find him accommodation at Homestead Court in Barnet where a Chinese couple are already residents. After completing several formalities he was accepted to the scheme on 17th October and has since moved into the scheme. He is now very happy and is attending English and computer classes.

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