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Support for older Chinese people

According to the 2011 Census, there are 433,150 Asian Chinese living in the United Kingdom, 33,706  in Scotland, 13,368 in Wales, 379, 503 in England and 124, 250 in London.  The London boroughs with the largest Chinese population are:

Westminster 5,917
Lewisham 6,164
Camden 6,493
Southwark 8,074
Tower Hamlets 8,109
Barnet 8,259

The needs of the ageing Chinese population in the UK are currently not well researched but Chinese Welfare Trust and our partner Charity Chinese National Healthy Living Centre have identified the common problems:  

    • Many older Chinese are isolated and lonely with little knowledge of the English language and have no empathy with the English way of life.
    • Many older Chinese have suffered health inequalities and mental health related issues including depression and anxiety.
    • The gap between older Chinese peoples' expectations and the actual caring responsibility of their families are widening.
    • Local Councils and Housing Associations do not always have facilities that meet the needs and culture of the Chinese
    • Many older Chinese have difficulty communicating their health problems to NHS general practitioners resulting in many paying for services that knows Chinese and understands Chinese medical customs

There are many Chinese Community Associations set up across London and the United Kingdom and it would be useful to develop best practice and share knowledge and know-how.  There is currently not enough data on older Chinese living in areas that are not served by these centres.  Studies have also shown the gap between older migrants who speak Cantonese and newer migrants from mainland China.

A Case for an Extra Care Home?

The Trust will be working with partners to undertake a Needs Study into the case for specialist housing such as an Extra Care Home for Chinese elders and for supporting services. 

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