About Us

We are committed to providing dedicated support and help to empower the poor, elderly, vulnerable and victims of racist abuse amongst the Chinese community across the United Kingdom. 

**Supporting Chinese Communities during the COVID-19 outbreak**

During these unprecedented times and in accordance with the most updated government guidelines, please be assured that we will continue to provide support to the most vulnerable and isolated Chinese communities living in the UK. 

More than ever, we rely on your continuous generosity and kindness to help us provide the necessary support to our communities. 

We urge you to visit our DONATE page on the top right of the page and to donate to our cause. 

Thank you.

Conceived over 10 years ago, the Chinese Welfare Trust is a national charity that brings together like-minded individuals and organisations of various backgrounds, with the common goal of working towards a better future for the Chinese community in the UK. 

We are delighted to see many Chinese community organisations scattered across the country that do excellent work locally. We hope to work with each of these organisations, identifying the needs of the most vulnerable to ensure that no one is left behind. As a national charity, we have strong political clout to lobby for changes in policies and in the delivery of services affecting our community.

What we do

Our core priority is to meet the needs of elderly Chinese people living in the UK. Many older Chinese individuals find themselves isolated, marginalised and lonely. We are working with different housing associations to help them cater to the special needs of their Chinese residents as well as to sign post those seeking sheltered housing and extra-care homes to housing schemes where there are vacancies.

In addition to this, we seek to combat racial injustice, abuse and violence. Working with local councils, authorities and the police, we give guidance, training and support to various stakeholders to raise general awareness of this topic. 

We currently employ a floating support worker working part-time with Soho Housing Trust and part-time for CWT.

We have the long term vision of building an extra-care home in London.