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Tackling hate crime

In 2020, Chineese Welfare Trust, Protection Approaches and Newham Chinese Association partnered to deliver a National Lottery-funded project over six months called 'Confronting COVID-related hate’.

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, British Chinese and South-east Asian (BCSEA) communities across England have been dealing with an increase in hate and discrimination as a result of Covid-19. However, only a small proportion of hate incidents have been reported to the police and many victims are not getting the support they need.


Barriers to reporting and support include:

• many victims do not understand what constitutes a hate crime

• there is often a lack of understanding of how or why to report a hate crime

• there is a reluctance to take the matter to local law enforcement due to a lack of trust

• many BCSEA organisations do not have the capacity, skills or knowledge to offer community level support to victims from BCSEA communities.

A leaflet on information about hate crime in six ESEA community languages has been produced by this timely project, and they can be accessed below.

To report a hate crime or a hate incident against people of ESEA background, or how to access victim support services, contact On Your Side
Find out what Campaign Against Racism Group do to combat racism 
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